Jay & Annemieke … Chy-Kara Crew

THE team
We, Jay and I, are Free Spirits and rebel in our minds 😉
What is a Free Spirit?
It is a person with a highly individual or unique lifestyle and/or imagination. It is a non-conformist.
A free spirit is a person who lives according to his/her own wishes of beliefs, unconstrained from obligation to authority, society’s conventions or others.

That  is what makes the Chy-Kara Crew. And that is what we want to live and offer to who ever wishes to experience it.
Chy-Kara is our Bohemian Adventure.

Chy-Kara offers extraordinary, unique FarmCamping/Bed&Breakfast facilities to backpackers, bikers, hikers and free-spirits travelling in the Heart chakra of Mother Earth, on the Plains of Hungary. A Bohemian Adventure that will take you back 100 years in time.

Enjoy the luxury of typical Hungarian Puszta facilities, which take you 100 years back in time and which give you a close insight on how our grandfathers used to live; outside shower, wood stoves, fire place, hand wash, get water from the pomp, look at the skies full with stars instead of watching tv. Here you discover new visions of camping and lodging. Discover how these exclusive basics bring you in close contact with the beauty of nature.
This is a place to let go of the daily routine and where you can settle down.
With friendly prices and a heartwarming welcome we support sustainable tourism.

Multi dimensional Travelling

On our ’Path’ in life we travel every day in various ways.
The guests we received in the past were physically on a journey. You can visit the page with links to their blogs.
The journey in the mind is a never-ending process of development and awareness.
We invite travellers, adventurers, consciousness- and mind expanders and backpackers to our campsite to stay a couple of days and share their visions with us and other like-minders.
We also invite lecturers with their own groups (philosophy, nature-lovers, bird watchers, etc.) to use the facilities of Chy-Kara.

We warmly welcome you at Chy-Kara!

Jay and Annemieke
Chy-Kara Crew


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