Farewell to our golden furred baby …

Mother Earth trusted us to take care for you..
My hooved baby with golden coat
exchanged natural freedom for our care and shelter
Yet, Father Sun called you back into the mystery of eternity and happy hunting grounds
With your grace, gentleness and wisdom
you will advise us, guide us from the spiritual realms
Our tears of loss vanish into crystals of love
Our memories whisper of joy and sacredness
My White Hart, one day you will bring us Home …

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She came on June the 13th 2016.
She was only 2,5 – 3 weeks old when she came. She lost her natural mum through mowing activities in the field next to our property and flew straight into our barn …

She listened to a couple of names … RayBen (in Dutch it pronounces Ree-Ben 🙂 ) Kleintje and Poepiemonster … (like all the other bigger and smaller monsters on Chy-Kara 🙂 ), But Kleintje was her favourite …

She left us on July the 13th  … just a few days ago.
Leaving an empty spot in our family and in our hearts.

Sleep well, dearest Kleintje ❤ ❤ ❤


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