The continuing story of Ree-Ben …

We struggled the big box with the two exhausted Racka lambs into Ree-Bens patch. Quite honestly, we were a bit concerned with the state of the lambs. We bought the two young ladies in Forráskut, about 30 kilometres away from Chy-Kara. It was a hot day. The farmer was so sweet to put the two furry monsters in a box, instead of binding their feet together. At the beginning of our trip they would shout for their mothers, but the curly girls were slowly giving less and less sound away. They suffered from the tremendous heat in the back of our car.

Ree-Ben curious,  immediately came closer to take a look at this strange box. As soon as we opened the carton the lambs, happy with some fresh air, jumped out of the surprise container. Ree-Ben, still curious about the two four legged creatures, approached them to investigate … The lambs though, suddenly re-launched their shouts to find their mums … bèèhèhèèè !!
Ree-Ben had enough! Those funny looking, short legged creatures with their strange noise … Quick but elegant Ree-Ben searched her hiding. She had enough anyway! That same morning, we brought a new inhabitant into the chicken coop. She couldn’t see it, see didn’t know what it was, but something noisy was hidden to her eyes, and she couldn’t remember having heard such screaming ever before.
Ree-Ben is cool, but too many changes on one day ?? … She felt stressed!

So, at first, the thought to bring two friends for Ree-Ben to keep her company, did not really work out the way we thought it would do.
We named the lambs Mokka and Muffin.  After all they look like the nicest, sweet pies with cream on top … don’t they?
In the evening, Mokka and Muffin liked to go into a little stable Jay made for Ree-Ben. Ree-Ben, however, preferred to be in the open air. We managed to get the three of them in the smaller area during the night, so they could get used to each other.
Soon, the young ladies considered Ree-Ben to belong to their flock.
This was hilarious in the morning when I released them into the bigger patch.
Mokka and Muffin would closely follow Ree-Ben, their flock leader. As soon as Ree-Ben detected her followers, she would jump away as quick as her long exquisite legs would carry her. Mokka and Muffin loved the challenge and they jumped with four legs at the same time through the patch.
Can you imagine how Jay and I laughed about this comical, droll little show?

At some moment, the two girls found out that this graceful appearance in golden coat was not one of them. This is where they started to get a somehow bully attitude towards Ree-Ben. Mainly the food became the essence of their possessive attitude.

Jay already made this wonderful trough for the three monsters. Everything was thought of … It was big enough to feed at least three animals. Jay made a lid to it, so we could close it when the chickens were released in the larger patch in the afternoon, to prevent that they would eat the biscuits of the others … It has a roof, so the food would stay dry at rainy days. We just did not think that the two bullies would prefer not to share their meals with Ree-Ben.

The solution was a great invention … A smaller higher trough fastened to a post!
Only Ree-Ben on her high legs and with her elegant neck, had access to the food in this trough. And believe me … Mokka and Muffin tried!! It was a comical sight, to see how the furry, short legged girls tried to get their noses into this other food dispenser.
The look on Ree-Bens face was proudly expressing:  “She laughs best who laughs last”.

❤ Lots of Love from the Puszta ❤

Jay & Annemieke
Chy-Kara Crew


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