TinkerBell tent 2      Van binnen naar buiten

We were looking for a way to expend our accommodation with an extraordinary place for overnight stays for our guests that would fit in our Bohemian concept. As soon as we found information about Bell-tents, we both immediately agreed! Yes! That is exactly what we are looking for!

Bell tents have been around since the 19th century, when they were widely used by prospectors in the Old West, and by the troops of the British army.

It took a while, but ‘TinkerBell’, as we called her has arrived. Our ‘TinkerBell-tent’ is romantic and stylishly decorated and is located on an idyllic spot ready for a Bohemian Adventure for campers with a soul.

Jay made the wooden platform for TinkerBell to ensure that a stormy overnight stay would not end in the field of the neighbours 😀
And I … well, I got mad decorating … 😉 we hope our guests like it ❤


It is highly popular at this moment for people looking for a way of travelling but not bother to take camping gear with them, to look for stays like you can find at Chy-Kara. Is camping in an originally furnished tent complete with fitted carpet and electricity still camping??? No! This is what is called Glamping! Glamorous camping….

Glamping in our TinkerBell is camping with heart and soul. It is ment for people who like to enjoy to lie simply on their backs staring at the clouds and giggle to the figures they see in their shapes. Those are people who find the largest treasures in the smallest miracles; people who want to see the sunrise and the sunset.
Do you want to camp in style with retro glamour and bohemian spirit? Then our ‘TinkerBell-tent’ with its cheerful decoration on the ‘Heart’ of Chy-Kara offers you a fascinating, unique stay.

‘TinkerBell’ for workshops

During the summer months the ‘TinkerBell-tent’ is a perfect place for giving massages and treatments with natural remedies. If you are looking for a unique place to offer a workshop for small groups, (e.g. for music workshops or workshops in the spiritual field or philosophy, yoga, zen, singing, healing herbs, philosofy, djembé, acro-yoga, sjamanistic healing circles, (we would nog be so amused with workshop fire breathing   ) etc. etc. …? f) than the circular space and the elegant design of the ‘TinkerBell’ has plenty room for your program.
Just ask for our terms and conditions if you are interested in this option.


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