The story of Ree-Ben, alias Kleintje

Toen ons Kleintje nog klein wasScreaming in total panic, a little baby deer, escaped last summer from a mowing tractor, and run straight into our stable.
In the area where she flew from, I heard baby-deer sounds over the weeks before that. I assumed, because of that, this little creature could not be older than 2 and a half, 3 weeks old.
Jay and I were speechless and totally amazed by this happening. Okay! What to do next?
We know that usually the mother would try to find her baby. She would call her and the baby would call back. For the time being, the baby needed food and a save place and nature would do the rest, so we thought.

I went to the next animal store and was advised to give our protégé sheep milk in powder. In the next couple of hours I tried the Tesco range of baby bottle teats until I found the one she liked. There was still no mother deer to be seen or to be heard.
Jay made a little outside patch, which we put on the border to the field where she escaped from. So, if the mother would show up we could easily give her back to where she belonged.

Me and Ree-Ben.jpg
We are not ‘we‘ if we would not find a name for the newcomer. As we did not know the sex of the deer yet, our imaginations run wild. We had some good laughs about this. It was me inventing the name ReeBen. The Dutch word for deer is Ree. Ree-Ben is pronounced as Ray-Ban, the brand of the sunglasses. So, the name would be Ben, Ree-Ben. But me, calling all our animals, in spite of their beautiful names, kleintje, or poepiemonster … 🙂
So it happened that quite soon, our baby listened to the name Kleintje.

Ree-BenA couple of times per day she would call me. “Time for my bottle!” I would go into her patch and she would snuffle everywhere to find the bottle. And drink it as if there was no tomorrow.

Time went on and no mum showed up. We decided to give Ree-Ben her freedom back as soon as she would be stronger. When she was stronger, we decided to release her into freedom back as soon as the tractor season was over … As soon as the tractor season was over, we decided to release her into freedom back as soon as the hunting season was over … The hunting season is over … we made a large patch for her and she is so much socialized … that we decided, that we are responsible for her well-being.

Nature laws apply in nature. As soon as something out of nature comes into the hands of human beings, the laws of the human beings apply. It means loving care, protection, responsibility, and a large etcetera …

She does very well in her new patch. She showed us the tremendous jumps she can make and the speed she can perform. She has her private affair with Pajkos, our pony, who lives next door to her. And chasing the chickens is a nice game. However, sometimes she seemed a bit depressed and alone.
Raybens friendsSo we bought her two friends. They are lambs of an ancient Hungarian breed of sheep, Racka. The have long curly fur and they get curly horns.

Keep up to date on the post about them in the continuing story of Kleintje, coming up soon … hilarious 😀

❤ With love from the Puszta ❤

Jay & Annemieke
Chy-Kara Crew


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