Farewell to our golden furred baby …

Mother Earth trusted us to take care for you..
My hooved baby with golden coat
exchanged natural freedom for our care and shelter
Yet, Father Sun called you back into the mystery of eternity … … More Farewell to our golden furred baby …


Breaking news !

The traffic on the access road to Chy-Kara has been severly troubled by very low-hanging tree branches since a few days, due to numerous pink blossoms on the Acacia trees. Bees work on and of to gather their load of pollen. Advice: Reduce your speed, increase your slalom skills and enjoy the reception on the … More Breaking news !


       We were looking for a way to expend our accommodation with an extraordinary place for overnight stays for our guests that would fit in our Bohemian concept. As soon as we found information about Bell-tents, we both immediately agreed! Yes! That is exactly what we are looking for! Bell tents have been around … More TinkerBell